Spice your walk with Korzo.

It’s all about the pleasure that comes from great food and drink, combined with a nice walk. Take a break from everyday life and discover new paths and challenges. You find yourself relaxing, indulging, and reflecting on how lucky you are to have found that your quest ended with this treasure!

Breakfast all Day

You need to fill up in the morning to keep your energy up. Enjoy a nice breakfast for lunch or dinner, and always be full of energy!


Healthy never tasted so good. Our salads are a perfect balance of flavor, color and texture to keep you feeling great. We want to inspire you to eat well and enjoy the flavors.


This soup is a meal in itself. It has the best mix of simple seasonings and soul-satisfying taste. The simple mix of fresh vegetables, tender meat hits the spot on a busy day.


Sandwiches are a staple for any meal. They are always delicious, juicy and are perfect for your lunch break. They satisfy taste buds and cravings while giving you the energy to make it through the afternoon.


Our burger is a combination of tastes and textures. The perfect combination that brings a pleasant harmony to your plate.

Savory Crepes

Our crepes are made from scratch each morning and filled with a variety of sweet and savory fillings. Whether you’re looking for a basic crepe or something more creative — there’s never a wrong way to make a crepe!


Perfect for every occasion, from a family meal to your next birthday party, this pizza will bring you and your guests together. The combination of ingredients creates a delicious harmony of taste.


Drinks are to come in, share with friends, and enjoy. Our drinks are hand-crafted to bring you the best tasting experience possible. No matter what the occasion, we have something for you.

… and the great coffee, of course

A delicious combination of flavoursome sweetness and aromatic taste; each sip will make you feel like you’re dreaming in a coffee cup. It’s a taste that says satisfaction has no end, but only just begun